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Empowering families with telehealth autism assessments. 

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For Parents

Telehealth Autism Assessments

In-person clinical wait times can be up to 2 years to see a professional for an autism assessment. This delays clinical plans for treatment and positive clinical outcomes. Early intervention is a proven method to get the help your child deserves and a diagnostic report will assist with services and school IEP’s. You do not have to wait, NODA is here for telehealth autism assessments.

Three Step Process

Step 1

Text or talk with a NODA Navigator to understand your options with the screening process.

Step 2

Meet with one of our autism diagnostic clinicians via telehealth for a live assessment.

Step 3

Receive an Autism diagnostic report from the licensed clinician, including further recommendations.

Receiving Accurate Diagnosis, Moving Forward with Confidence

Families will receive a diagnosis report from a licensed clinician from their State Which will assist with the following: