About Us

To revolutionize remote diagnostic evaluations with evidence-supported Behavior Imaging® technology.

About Us

Who We Are

Behavior Imaging® enables collaboration and consultation between neurodiverse patients and health professionals. BI develops and maintains a suite of clinician telehealth tools including secure videoconference, video capture and a secure health record application that allows clinicians to store, share, and annotate video files as for better clinician decision support.

As THE leader in autism telehealth solutions, Behavior Imaging’s (BI) NODA™’s telehealth platform empowers families to get autism diagnostic assessments done REMOTELY with experienced clinicians licensed in their state, faster and earlier than in-person assessments. BI’s AssessmentView™ telehealth platform enables ABA Clinicians to conduct functional assessments, educate parents and supervise remotely with live video-tagging and its award-winning Behavior Capture app™.

Our Beginnings:

Cofounders Ron and Sharon Oberleitner

Ron and Sharon Oberleitner founded Behavior Imaging Solutions in 2005 to develop Behavior Imaging® technology as a means of increasing disabled people’s access to care via technology. Since their son’s autism diagnosis in 1996 at the age of three, the challenges of receiving specialized care for those with intellectual disabilities hits close to home for the Oberleitners. As such, Ron and Sharon have dedicated their careers to helping families and organizations improve their accessibility to neurodevelopmental health treatment.

Ron and Sharon also created TalkAutism.org (2001)– a community portal for parents, organizations, and specialists, and AutismCares.org (2005),  a coalition-based and tech-enabled initiative to help families affected by Hurricane Katrina. These networks provided free and low-cost online services such as distance learning, a professional resource directory, remote health assessments, and community forums for families and professionals dealing with autism.